Here is just a small sampling of some of Don's TRUE Storys. If you are interested in reading additional TRUE Storys, don't forget to check out the book "MOAB DOGS from HELL". Be the first in your club to have the book. Order your own copy today!

Bike Spiders from HELL
Baptism by spider and bicycle.
Dover Dogs
Don's first TRUE story. The rest is history!
My New " Y " Bike
Why, oh why did Don buy a "Y"?
Night Ride
It's Don versus the "log". A rib tickling experience.
Mr. Bonk
When Mr. Bonk goes for a ride.
MOJO, what's a MOJO?
Performance Bike Store
A good reason to buy bike parts through mail order.
Texas Trip
It's Don vs. bird in this epic tale of survival.
Christmas in Dover
Don and "Jim the Animal" catch the holiday spirit!

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